Lutheran Church
Big Lake, MN

Youth Ministry

Students are at a turning point in their faith journey and ready to move beyond simple Bible lessons. They are full of questions and wanting to know “why” (like a toddler​,​ but bigger) and think deeply about what they are learning, things that are usually contrary to what they experience in our culture. Students will be encouraged and expected to take a more active role in their faith development, digging into some deeper questions by learning how to dig into their Bibles​ individually and as a group as they seek to understand.
Youth Ministry

Youth are an important part of the church: not just for the future, but today!  We encourage our youth to participate in worship, serving, growing in faith and all aspects of church life. We aspire to equip our youth for a life-long relationship with God, knowing at the same time that they have a lot to teach us as we come alongside them.

Some of the ways that we seek to do this are through:

  • Youth Retreats
  • Bible Camp
  • Youth group rallies
  • Outings, such as tubing and paintball

There are always student leadership opportunities available for those with the desire to help younger students deepen their faith and develop their leadership gifts.


At Saron we offer a confirmation program for 7th to 9th graders and a “pre-confirmation” program for 6th graders. Confirmation and pre-confirmation meet on Wednesday evenings September through May. In addition, confirmation students are invited to attend retreats and participate in local mission projects.  Students are confirmed at the end of their ninth grade year as a commitment to continue their faith journey.

Our Confirmation Philosophy is: “Educate without assumptions, encourage questions, and seek to understand together.”  In classes, small groups and activities we challenge students to ask difficult questions, tackle tough subjects and see how God is active in their world. We hope that these conversations will help students not just in the trials of middle school, but stick with them throughout their lives.  In addition we seek to inspire students to continue these conversations at home. Registration is always open, just click on this link.

Fall and Winter Retreats

Youth retreats are opportunities for youth to grow in their relationship with each other, their leaders and most importantly, God. As one student leader posted to Facebook,

This weekend I got to experience growing closer to God, one of the best weekends I've had my whole life not only because I personally grew closer with the Lord, but being a student leader I got to witness the students also growing closer with the Lord! I highly recommend taking a trip to Camp Shamineau!” 

Retreats take place at Camp Shamineau in Motley were students and leaders worship together with hundreds of other students, study the Bible, participate in team building activities, team sports, horseback riding, laser tag, rock climbing, zip-lining, high ropes courses and much more! Click on the following links to register! The October 13-15, 2017 Fall Retreat  and the January 19-2, 2018 Winter Retreat, Students cost is $65 per student, scholarships are available if needed, please contact Molly.